LLL is coming of age – we celebrate our 22nd Anniversary this year! Woodbridge Fairgrounds 100 Porter Ave. Woodbridge Ont......Tickets : price 1 for $15.00, 10 for $140, prior to August 7st....... $25.00 each at the gate (Limited number available). ** Get your tickets early!!! **

Monday August 7th, 2017 @ 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Bishops High SchoolSts. Stanislaus CollegeQueens CollegeSt. Josephs

About Us



These are tough times we live in, however, we Guyanese are resilient to change it is proven over the years where many of us have moved entire families to new countries and begun anew, defying the odds by adapting, assimilating and eventually succeeding.  Each and every one of us possesses a spirit that remains steadfast when faced with adversity, and being able to conquer. We embrace this adage collectively, and perhaps, therein lay the secret of our success as Guyanese.

While hard work is imperative to success, the need to play, let off steam, relax and recharge our batteries is also a vital part of the formula to surviving at any time, but more so, the times in which we currently live.

The question then becomes not whether we should play, but where we should play, as the choices are many.

We believe that during Caribana, the Last Lap Lime returns the most value for your hard earned dollar.  It is an all-day affair for $15.00. All day entertainment is included in the price of admission. Liming is included. There is no charge for the countless friends you will meet. Gaff is free. Admission for children under twelve is free. Children’s entertainment is free.

Our suppliers have passed on increased costs to us; rental & labour costs have also increased. We have lost sponsors as a result of the economy; however, we have made a conscious decision not to pass on any of these costs to you.

The Last Lap Lime remains first and foremost a fundraiser where every dime raised will be donated to 4 High schools in Guyana and 4 Charities here in Canada.  They need our help now more than ever.

Tough times, but together we can do this. 

Come out and lime with us once again at this year’s event. For $15.00 you can forget the world’s troubles for 1 day. Best event during Caribana with the best price and the best people to lime with. Enjoy Guyanese foods and Entertainment.

Last lap Lime 2017 –  August 7th at Woodbridge Fairgrounds  Best place to be!